Consensual living is a process, a philosophy, a mindset by which we seek to live in harmony with our families and community.  It involves finding mutually agreed upon solutions, where the needs of both parties are not only considered but addressed.

Everyone’s wants and needs are equally valid, regardless of age.  Conflicting wants or needs are discussed and mutually agreeable solutions are created or negotiated which meet the underlying needs of all parties.  Beginners to this concept are welcome to join our Facebook page.  Living consensually is an ongoing process of discovery.  We ask that you be open to or on the path toward living consensually.

We hope to explore the issues by asking questions, and sharing our experiences.  Parenting is a sensitive issue for many people but we are all here to practice this process, and can do so if the environment remains one of respect, compassion, exploration and understanding.  If you would like more information about Consensual Living or would like to sign up for the Consensual Living Newsletter, please visit our website.

Consensual Living is broad and far reaching. It influences the way we interact with everyone, from our immediate families to our community and the world at large.  It is about assigning positive intent and looking for solutions.  This can apply in so many arenas.  It can change interactions, even if they are historically adversarial.

With our website, blog, Yahoo group and Facebook page, we wanted to create an atmosphere of give and take where people are free to explore the ideas of living consensually with their families and communities.  We want it to be a place to ask questions and discuss the idea of self determination, and how that looks in the different families and in different situations.


If you are open to or on the path toward living consensually, consider joining our Yahoo group for ongoing discussions: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Consensual-living/

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